My Amazing Woman
My Amazing Woman - S01E01 - My Amazing Pilot

My Amazing Woman - S01E01 - My Amazing Pilot

September 21, 2021

A newly married man discovers his bride is also a superhero who must save the island they're vacationing on from imminent peril.

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My Amazing Pilot

My Amazing Woman S01E01


Anna Kat Waring (Amazing Woman) ····· Lena Garcia  | 
Trevor Waring ····· A.J. Cruz  | 
Madison Goforth (Red Light) ····· Sophie Flack  | 
The Special Agent (Olive Branch, etc.) ····· Dianne Weller  | 
Lenny Watkins ····· Frank Guglielmelli  | 
Craig Gregory (Dr. Calculus) ····· Ken Hallaron  | 
Arch Davis ····· David Robbins  | 
Erica Atwater ····· DL Merlin  | 
Narrator ····· James C. Taylor  | 
Produced by ····· James C. Taylor  | 
Written by ····· James C. Taylor  | 
Voice Direction ····· Mark Bauer  | 
Dialog Editing ····· Nicole Beharrell  | 
Sound Mastering ····· James C. Taylor  | 
Music Composition ····· James C. Taylor  | 
Sound Effects ·····  | 


This is a production of Hey, Daddyo Audio, in affiliation with Time Well Electronic Recording Productions, copyright © 2021 by James C. Taylor, all rights reserved.

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