My Amazing Woman

My Amazing Woman - S01E05 - My Amazing Game Night

April 19, 2022

Anna Kat and Trevor and three other couples face off in a game show to save their lives. Can our heroes save the innocent bystanders and save their secret identities at the same time?

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This episode is dedicated to Ross Bagby and Tom Siegman, who got James C Taylor started on this audio drama stuff a long, long time ago.

We want to thank the EdiPlay International Film Festival, the Indiefare International Film Festival, the Multi Dimension Independent Film Festival, the Cineplay International Film Festival, and the Bright International Film Festival for selecting us as Best Podcast. Thank you.


My Amazing Game Night

My Amazing Woman S01E05


Anna Kat Waring (Amazing Woman) ····· Lena Garcia   | 
Trevor Waring ····· A.J. Cruz   | 
Chick Magnuson ····· Dave Holiday   | 
Madison Goforth (Red Light) ····· Sophie Flack   | 
Diana Byrne-Ward ····· Michelle Sobeski   | 
Lenny Watkins ····· Frank Guglielmelli   | 
Dr. Craig Gregory (Dr. Calculus) ····· Ken Hallaron   | 
Arch Davis ····· David Robbins   | 
Cáer Ibormeith ····· Nicole Beharrell   | 
Liz Featherstone (Queen of Clubs) ····· Nancy O'Fallon   | 
Ross Siegman ····· Stuart William Morrison   | 
Narrator ····· James C. Taylor   | 
Produced by ····· James C. Taylor   | 
Script by ····· James C. Taylor   | 
Story by ····· Nicole Beharrell   | 
Script Continuity ····· Ken Hallaron   | 
Voice Direction ····· Mark Alan Bauer   | 
Dialog Editing ····· Nicole Beharrell   | 
Sound Mastering ····· James C. Taylor   | 
Music Composition ····· James C. Taylor   | 
Sound Effects ·····   | 


This is a production of Hey, Daddyo Audio, in affiliation with Time Well Electronic Recording Productions, copyright © 2022 by James C. Taylor, all rights reserved.

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